Birthday Pipes
for John Fraser

18 June 2005

Here are photographs of Jonathan Hensley after playing his bagpipes as a gift from David and Carol Kensiski to John Fraser in celebration of his birthday. We arranged to surprise John and his family with a pipe performance. He made an awesome performance and was very well received by Clan Fraser.

I first met Jonathan as a fellow commuter on the Vallejo Ferry to San Francisco. He has an electronic pipe that he practices with on the commute -- at least since they issued him the cease and desist order after someone complained about his practicing with the real thing on the outdoor aft deck of a noisy ferry. Jonathan had also sharef photographs and movies of performances he'd been in.

John, being of Scottish descent (always wearing his clan tartan for New Years), I brainstormed the idea of having Jonathan play as a birthday gift. I suggested it to Jonathan and he was amenable. Timing all fell into place, and the rest is documented in photographs.