Margarita Bash

31 August 2003

Many thanks to Hank Lee for these photos and captions.

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our gracious hostess.

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alex, rhonda, jns, other guests.

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jns, satch, laura.

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dlk & the margarita machine.

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"It was THIS big!"

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jns grilling some garlic marinated prawns, mushrooms, sausages, etc. Yum!

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laura and veronica

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the party. kiddy pool in the background.

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"It's very juicy!"

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dlk removing beer-like substance from cooler.

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dlk dumping half the can of beer-like substance. (the remaining was later used to create beer-can chicken, yum!)

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alex and maureen.

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guess who?

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it's aoibhin (pronounced A-veen)!