Moving Day!
Mom's Move to Sonora

(32K) or (113K)
No, put it over there!

(31K) or (98K)
Keeping Trevor busy!

(38K) or (94K)
And Laurie...

(38K) or (96K)
Marsha gets truck duty

(29K) or (92K)
Aunt Laurie helps Trevor

(51K) or (124K)
Are these shelves going inside?

(41K) or (121K)
How does this work?

(34K) or (89K)
Now where did I leave that water bottle?

(42K) or (103K)
Another apple box?  Good grief grandma!

(41K) or (103K)
Just keep 'em coming, Trevor...

(31K) or (88K)
Gordon Biersch time!

(43K) or (120K)
Is she really sleeping in there tonight?

(34K) or (91K)
The last box!

(85K) or (212K)
Shortcut for getting rid of the empties.

(93K) or (234K)
Are we really throwing away Mom's apple boxes?

(51K) or (131K)
Unheard of!