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I am a licensed private pilot, aircraft, single engine land, with an instrument rating.

Date Where What
1991 Hickam/Wheeler Aero Club
Honolulu, HI
Private pilot training. Mostly in a Cessna 152, but also got some time in a Cessna 172. Unfortunately, I left Hawaii before I was ready to take my check ride.
Instructor: Dennis Gentili
??? Sundance Flying Club
Palo Alto, CA
Completed private training. After a delay of quite some time (getting settled in), I finally picked up my training again. This was entirely in a Cessna 172. Andre, my first instructor, left after several months to take a flying job. I started over again with another instructor and finally received my private pilot certificate in ...
Instructors: Andre Kamangar, Jim Long
1998 Palo Alto, CA Instrument training. This was mostly done during the El Nino winter, so I got a reasonable amount of actual instrument conditions (IMC) during the training. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my flight training. Gordon owns a Cessna 172 (N9027H) which we used for training.
Instructor: Gordon Matthews