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Dave's Homepage

This page is about me. The other pages are about friends, family, and other stuff, but this one's about me. Unfortunately, I don't have too many pictures of me, so I can't be too narcissistic on this page.

Here's a pretty classic pose of me. I was quaffing a pint on a business/pleasure trip to England back in 1999. I also brew my own beer, but you'll have to check out the hobbies page to find out more about that. (Provided I've finished the beer page by the time you read this.)

I have four wonderful children: Trevor (age Brittany (age Allison (age and Eric (age Of course, you can see them all on my family page. And Trevor has been creating his own web page if you would like to take a look.

I work in San Francisco as Director of Technical Infrastructure for School Loop. Odd title, but aside from developing the code, I do All Things Geeky for the company. Been here since October 2007 and still enjoy it. We're a small company, but I get to work with great people and play with some pretty cool technology.

While I love working in San Francisco, I live out in suburban Benicia, where life is a little more quiet and we can afford a house. And we have a very cool view from our backyard -- a view that pretty much clinched the deal when were hunting for the house! Troy Saxton-Getty made this from a series of photos he took while over for a barbeque. Click on the image to pop up another window with a bigger version.

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With the completion and lighting of the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge across the Carquinez Strait (Nov 8, 2003), we have a new sight to grace our view. This is how the bridge looks at night from our back yard (and the master bedroom window!) -- the lights look stupendous. Click on the picture below to view a larger picture of the bridge, or look at the other shots I have taken.

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