Repairing the Hot Water Pipe

or (68K)

or (83K)
Removed the tile

or (89K)
Jack-hammering the slab

or (90K)
The hole... to begin

or (87K)
Leak detection...
Pressurizing the hot water pipes

or (129K)
And the equipment used to find the leak

or (79K)
The hole... wider

or (118K)
Stay on target...

or (141K)
Almost there...

or (107K)
The leak found and removed

or (105K)
The removed bit

or (116K)
Closeup of the leak

or (104K)
Four buckets of dirt and one of concrete

or (124K)
Prepared for the new bit of pipe

or (121K)
And with the new bit of pipe

or (97K)
Filled with dirt

or (56K)
And with concrete

Now who's going to fix the tile???